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Where Can I Get a Fainting Couch?

It is the 21st century, and I’m in the market for a fainting couch. Let me explain.

My wife and I will be celebrating our 17th wedding anniversary soon. As I usually do, I search online for what the “traditional” gift for the anniversary is. In years past, it has been fun thinking of gifts that match that year’s theme. For example, in past years I got gifts of paper, leather, metals, crystal, and other things.

This year, I learned that tradition kind of gave up after the 15th anniversary year. There is no official material, flower, or gemstone for anniversaries beyond the 15th anniversary. But many websites agreed the unofficial-official gift is “furniture”. Furniture? Really? What am I supposed to do, buy a new sofa to profess my love?

I explained the issue of this dumb anniversary gift idea to my wife. She thought for a second, and said “What about a fainting couch?” This was a brilliant idea and totally in line with her love of antiques and period dramas like Pride and Predjudice. I clearly needed to get a fainting couch.

But where can I get a fainting couch?

All About the Fainting Couch

It was time to get educated on 19th century furniture. One article that I absolutely loved was Antique Fainting Couches and Daybeds. This article shows you the evolution of the fainting couch from a long, uncomfortable chair to a much more fashionable and comfortable sofa-like piece of furniture.

I also appreciated this Fainting Couch History from Elle Decor. who enthusiastically agree the fainting couch is a great idea to add some life to the master bedroom.

Designer Suzanne Ascher of Waterleaf Interiors especially loves it for a master bedroom. “The fainting couch has such an elegant shape,” says Rollins. “I would use it in a large master bedroom to add seating so you’re not always in or on your bed when you’re reading, talking, and watching TV. It also gives your children and your pet a special spot.”

Decorator Danielle Rollins agrees. “It’s a place to sit besides being on a bed,” she says. “It’s perfect for reading a book, answering emails, or even just putting on a pair of heels and a swipe of lipstick before dashing off. They’re open, airy, light, and without definitive sides, so they fit in spaces that a sofa might be too heavy for.”

Fainting Couch History from Elle Decor

So now I knew the keywords to look for: “fainting couch”, “chaise lounge” (that’s pronounced “SHāz”), and even “Méridienne”. Time to search the internet for sellers!

Fainting Couch Sellers

The first seller I found was Design Toscano, who sells all sorts of eccentric furniture and home decorations. They sold this antique-style Swan Fainting Couch. It’s a beautiful piece, but a little too expensive for a home with four young children.

Ebay also sold a variety of Victorian fainting couches, but I wasn’t too interested in purchasing used furniture.

I finally struck gold with Wayfair does not sell “fainting couches”. They do sell a wide variety of One-Armed Chaise Lounge Chairs. Wayfair also features the convenience of Amazon-style filters to winnow down furniture to my price range and tastes.

Playing with the website a bit, we eventually picked out this House of Hampton® Tryphena Chaise Lounge.

Promo picture of the Tryphena Chaise Lounge – Manufactured by House of Hampton and sold by Wayfair

Fun, stylish, a bit of the antique style, adds a bit of color to our bedroom, and might even survive use by young children.

Wayfair was a pleasant buying experience. I’m scheduled to receive the couch only four days after ordering it. That’s some speedy shipping! I hope to provide an update on the couch after I receive it.

In Conclusion

I guess I really did buy a new sofa to profess my love. I’m glad I did. If you have any other tips on where to find the best fainting couches or chaise lounges, leave a comment below.

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