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Money Hack #178 – Virtual English Tutor

I recently read Money Hacks, Ways to Decrease Spending, Increase Savings, and Make Your Money Work for You! I found this book on Amazon while searching for any books that might give me some ideas on how to save, invest, or make money. This book exactly fit the bill, so I tried reading it.

I’ve read Personal Finance for Dummies, I listen to Afford Anything podcast and Bigger Pockets Money podcast, I’ve consulted with a personal financial advisor in the past. If a “money hack” is common advice given by financial advice media, I’ve done it already. I’ve found that much of this book fits into the “done it!” category, but it does have a few unique ideas I had never considered before.

Money hack #178 “Be a Virtual English Tutor” was the most intriguing. In retrospect, it makes absolute sense. There are millions of people in China that want to learn English, and not enough natural English speakers living there to meet the demand for tutoring. The modern solution is to hold tutoring sessions over the internet. Supply meets demand. Brilliant!

And, wow, are there a lot of companies out there trying to meet this demand. This post lists eight companies to start with. The same site offers a calculator that estimates how much you can make, depending on how flexible your schedule is. You can make more if you are an early riser on weekdays (peak hours Monday through Thursday are 6 AM – 10 AM) or if you are a night owl on the weekends (peak hours 12-10 AM on Saturday and Sunday). Some of the companies offer a regular schedule, others offer flexibility to pick up shifts as needed.

With a college degree, the pay is somewhere around $20 an hour. That’s some decent side hustle money for never leaving your house and tutoring your native language! I remember friends from high school and college going off to live in faraway lands to be English teachers. While that sounds like fun, it also sounds like it is no longer necessary.

In short, thanks to the Money Hacks book for this tip on a side hustle I never knew was a thing. I won’t be jumping in both feet first yet, but it is nice to know the option is out there.

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